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Raising chooks is indeed a no joke agricultural industry to deal with. It requires a lot of effort, attention and skill to make this profitable and keep the cash registers constantly ringing. Aside from exerting special treatment in perfectly keeping the chooks, adequate housing, optimum health, maintaining the breed equilibrium, egg hatching and chick raising; feeding these feathered friends of ours remains an integral aspect to be considered.


Quality feeding means quality breed of chooks. That is why it is important to always check the label and the nutrition that the chooks may get from the feed or crumble that you are supplying to them. Crumbles are preferred by chook farmers nowadays since they are packed with the essential nutrients that the chooks need and they are less messy than the leftover feeds that most of the farmers are using. Leftovers can be risky as these may affect some breeds of chooks that are sensitive and can cause poor health, poor feather texture and profound immunity and egg hatching capability.


In contrast to the popular belief, chooks are not herbivores/vegetarians. Their diet regimen is primarily made of protein, preferably the ruminant type. Enhanced protein diet can develop their meat quality, breeding capabilities, feather and egg quality.


Another point to consider is the type of chook feeder that will be used. Farmers nowadays are having problems in using exposed/open feeding troughs and trays as these make the chook feast horribly messy and economically unfriendly. Chooks tend to scratch away the feed as this was their distinctive animalistic nature. Commercial feeders available in the market tend not to solve the problem, as the other creatures like rats, pests and foxes are also having a lion share of the feed; as a result of such poorly-engineered feeders.


Good thing there is Red Comb Australian Made Chook Feeders. This is a mechanical step-on chook feeder which keeps the feed dry, can handle 9kg/20lb of chook feed, prevents rats, birds and pests from tampering and specifically engineered to be used outdoors. Proudly made from Australia, Red Comb ensures the health of your chooks without any budget worries.


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Written by Shopify — February 15, 2012